Want to learn more about how you can focus on the bigger picture of health? Laura is an engaging speaker with over fifteen years experience in presenting at national conferences and worksites.

Commonly Requested Presentation Topics:

  • "Health for Every Body: Strategies for improving your health no matter what your size"
  • "Higher ground: Improving health by looking at the 'big picture'"
  • "Preventing weight, eating and body image problems in children"
  • "Culturally competent social work practice and the 'War on Obesity"

What customers are saying about Laura’s presentations:

"Laura is an excellent presenter with a down-to-earth style.  Employees connected with her and found the information and resources she provided to be useful. I would definitely recommend her to others looking for a  presenter." 

Karen Davidson, Cooperative Response Center


 “Laura has presented a diverse collection of valuable topics to TeamQuest employees. She has absolute knowledge of each topic and a very graspable presentation style.”

Linda Engebretson, TeamQuest Corporation


“Laura spoke to our employees  on the topic of “Healthy at Every Size.”  She was well received and staff appreciated her positive message.”

Terry Watts, Hennepin County Healthworks

Selected participant comments:  

“Wonderful workshop.  Very helpful information.”

 “Gave me a change in mindset.”

“Fantastic speaker and content!  Thank you!”

“Made me feel better and gave me resources, too.” 

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