Health for Every Body®:
A Worksite Intervention for Employees Concerned About Weight, Eating and Exercise

Traditional weight loss programs delived in the worksite are ineffective and harmful.  Health for Every Body® is an on-site, 10-week program based upon the principles of Health at Every Size®  (HAES®) offering employees an alternative, evidence-based approach for making peace with food and their bodies.

  •      Week One:  Overview of the current research regarding dieting, weight and health
  •      Week Two: Examination and discussion of the social and cultural pressures to be thin
  •      Week Three: The health consequences of body hatred
  •      Week Four:  Improving body acceptance and self esteem
  •      Week Five: Pleasurable movement:  Fitness at any size
  •      Week Six:  Reducing disordered eating through mindful, intuitive eating
  •      Week Seven: The health benefits of relationships and social support
  •      Week Eight:  Stress management, mindfulness and finding purpose and meaning
  •      Week Nine: Improving health in the presence of a chronic condition
  •      Week Ten: Solidifying and protecting improvements

NEW:  Health for Every Body® Facilitator Training

What past participants have to say about Health for Every Body®

This was an excellent program.  I learned not to hate my body and to accept myself.

The most helpful part was to be able to discuss food and exercise with others without being preached to, scolded or intimidated by program leaders or others. 

I am focused on health now instead of trying to get a 20 year old model body (I just turned 50!)

For more information About Health for Every Body® hfeb.pdf

The case for an alternative approach: 10%20things.pdf

To learn more about bringing Health for Every Body® to your worksite, contact Laura McKibbin at mckibbil(at) or Dr. Jonathan Robison at robisonj(at) or (517) 507-0287.

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