Designed as a tongue in cheek response to and criticism of the FDA’s Food Guide Pyramid, the “Food for Thought” Pyramid offers an alternative approach to enhancing your health. The “Food for Thought” Pyramid will help you become more conscious of the bigger picture of your health. We are constantly bombarded with information emphasizing healthy eating and exercise as the primary determinants of good health. While these can be important factors for good heatlh, when we focus too much on them, we tend to forget the many other factors that probably have an even more profound effect on health. This narrow focus can cause us to ignore important strategies for improving health or allow our own strengths to go unrecognized while we are feeling guilty about poor diet or lack of exercise. The “Food for Thought” Pyramid will help you have a more balanced focus on how you might enhance your own health, support the health of others and improve the overall health of your community.

History of the pyramid 

Fatigued by the relentless over emphasis on healthy eating for the purpose of weight loss, Laura McKibbin developed the “Food for Thought” Pyramid in a burst of creativity fueled by rage and probably a touch of sleep deprivation.

The pyramid’s holistic message and subversive tone resonated with Jon Robison, who has helped refine the pyramid and has included it in his presentations to audiences everywhere.


In keeping with the spirit of the “Food for Thought” Pyramid, we will donate 20% of your purchase to the Ecumenical Food Shelf of Albert Lea, MN. Or, if you would like the donation to go to the food shelf in your own community, tell us their name and address and we will send them the donation in your name

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